Lamington Smoothie

Love lamingtons? Too hot to even think about baking? Make this tasty smoothie instead to get all the chocolate and coconutty goodness in liquid form in under 10minutes. Go on, you know you want too!


Lamington Smoothie

Created by Jane Cornish

G’day mates! I’ve concocted a ripper Lamington Smoothie to keep you cool this Australia Day. Its most likely going to be hot and you probably have somewhere to be so throw a swag full of choc-coco goodness in the blender instead of slaving over a hot oven.

What’s more this is a recipe with options. Everybody loves options right!? There is a super simple pantry version and slightly more fancy-pants recipe using a fresh young coconut. If you aren’t familiar with how to handle a baby coconut check out this video (sorry I could find an Aussie one version) or just sub in some pantry staples. I use a similar technique to chop my coco open then invert it into a measuring jug before scooping out the flesh which is so yummy and refreshing on a hot day!

Personally I like my smoothies thick…

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