Good things coming…

Hi foodie fam!

Anyone following me on Insty may have seen my most recent post promising that good things are coming and boy oh boy they are!


But as one of my favourite songs says ‘happy endings are for those who wait’ so you dear reader, will have to hold onto your mouse just a moment longer before the ‘good things’ are revealed.

What I can say is, Janey Cooks will be getting a name change and a slightly new direction … think food, travel and lifestyle all in one place.I also want the new look blog to be way more collaborative so if you would like to contribute anything from how to fold your undies, the worst place you’ve ever been to the most bizarre thing you’ve eaten please drop me a line at, I can’t wait to see your ideas!

More traditional contributions such as recipes, photography, artistic endeavours, product reviews and travel recommendations will also be met with open arms and much love.

Where to catch the best sunset in Paris, how to bake zucchini and packing tips for disorganised chicks all coming soon!




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  1. I love Paris, just wrote about it myself. I am curious to know where one catches the best sunset and I would love to see more pictures.


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